Sick of employee turnover?

If you want peak performers, you must hire peak performers in the position for which they will excel. If you do not have the right person for the specific job, they will not perform to their potential, leading both of you to frustration and in turn, decreasing their performance ultimately costing you time and money.

Unsatisfactory performance and low retention rates are typically a result of the following:

  • Poor interviewing process
  • Poor behavior awareness
  • Poor team dynamics

Recruit and retain peak performance through our method of target selection and obtain tools and strategies for staffing successfully. Targeting peak performers is critical to the success of your practice and employers who invest in the proper recruiting their people will come out ahead.

Our Results:

  • Peak performers
  • Engaged & efficient team
  • Satisfied patients and greater profits

Getting frustrated with daily interruptions?

Having to put out “fires” constantly creates anxiety and keeps you from being able to focus on patient care as well as practice needs. Implementing processes and systems creates order, thereby increasing consistency and efficiency. Maintaining structure is essential in boosting production and profit.

Chaos in a dental practice typically results from one or more of the following:

  • Lack of business education
  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of know how
  • Lack of time
  • Old habits
  • Disengaged employees

Controlling the day-to-day chaos of running and operating a business allows you to provide consistent quality results to your patients. Get access to the proven systems that have created highly successful dental practices and improve the overal success of YOUR practice.

Our Results:

  • Improved integrity and service
  • Boosted revenue
  • Cost controls

Need a supportive and loyal team?

Dentistry is a relationship based busines whether it is building relationships with your patients or building them with your team. Creating loyal employees by empowering and engaging them will provide the support you need to manage the success of your practice in peace.

Lack of leadership typically results in the following:

  • Poor team morale
  • Poor communication
  • Poor performance
  • Poor company results

Leaders create the culture, and culture delivers results. Educated and talented leaders are essential to creating a culture that fosters ongoing learning, development, collaboration, and innovation. Gain insight into motivating your players and increase employee retention, performance, and support.

Our Results:

  • Peak performers
  • Engaged & efficient team
  • Satisfied patients and greater profits

Are any of these problems relevant to your practice?

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