We provide an innovative framework for private dental practices to grow or sell their dental practice.

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Increase Productivity & Profit

Innovative Edge provides tools that enable you to staff your practice successfully and proven systems for seamless operations. All this leads to employee retention, productivity, and profitability.

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Strategic Staffing

Quit wasting your time and money on employee turnover and recruit intentionally. Learn how to recruit peak performers who will thrive in the right positions.

Operational Consistency

Put an end to the daily interruptions and fires that limit your clinical focus. Get organized and create consistency that boost production and profit.

Influence Engagement

Stop the struggle and anxiety of poor employee performance. Learn how to motivate your players to WIN and create a culture of success.

We drill down to help clarify your message

Our innovative framework focuses on 4 fundamental areas to allow you to grow or sell your dental practice for profit. This will enable you to increase your patient care without the typical issues associated with private dental practices.


Business Planning & Budgeting

Our framework outlines these business fundamentals

Branding & Image

Create a brand for your business to attract new clients.

Operational Systems

Sit back, relax and let the systems do the work without the chaos.

Team Development

We help you target your team and lead talented and motivated associates.

We help you dream big and reach your goals

Our model creates processes and systems to remove the chaos for your business. Doing so increases efficiency and consistency, which leads to improved productivity and quality of work.